The Birth Place of Kolanjiappar
The benevolent Lord Siva so as to liberate the entire living being has incarnated himself in many holy Shrines in the so called Middle Country. (Nadu Naadu). Vriddhachalam (means age old holy hill) is the best among such holy shrines. Two Mile west of this, there is a small village namely Manavalanallur. Where there is abundance of flowery trees bristling with humming of birds and insects.  It is known as Manavalanallur because Lord Skantha, the Manavalan (Eternal Bridegroom) has embodied himself here. In the words of Arunagirinathar.  “He is the Manavalan residing in the monkeys inhabited hill”.
An Historical Note
In such a famous village the place of present temple consisted of only thick bushes nearly 200 years ago.  Among bushes there was a small stone altar on which Lord Skantha resolved to embody himself for the benefit of people.  So as to reveal his presence, he arranged a cow to shower Himself with its milk.  The people understood that there is a holy God and began worshipping.
But the question arose which God is residing in that holy stone.  On research it was learnt that once the divine propagant Sundaramoorthy Nayanar started from Chidambaram reciting humans and on reaching Vriddhachalam he came to learn that the name of that of both deities denotes agedness, he decided to bypass that place and that of both deities denotes agedness, he decided to bypass that holy abode thinking that there would be no benefit in eulogizing them.  Also it was learnt that then God Easwar ordered his son Lord Muruga to stand as sentry on the four directions of Vriddhachalam to block the propagant Sundaramoorthy.  So then it was confirmed that it is none other than Lord Muruga (Skantha) who revealed himself on the altar pedestal in the West of Vriddhachalam.  Then he was solemnly named as Shree Kolanjiappar, since he revealed himself among Kolanchi shrubs and through the paws of a cow.

It is also a historical fact that divinely benevolences would be rich in a land where saints and Siddhas wandered.  Agappai Siddhar the teacher of Pambatti Siddhar has eternal Samadhi in this holy place.  Also it is one of the 12 places where Korakka Siddhar has his eternal Samadhi.  A shrine becomes famous because of its connection with some holy saints.  Hence this holy place had become a prayer place where prayers of prayees will be fulfilled.  In this temple together with Shree Vinayaga and   Shree Kolanjiappar resides as a prayer God and sentry God, and a judge and as a holy Doctor who heals Chronic Diseases.
The Structure of the Temple
Shree Kolanjiappar’s Sanctum which began as a small tiled building 100 years ago in course of time developed much and now it is one of the best holy shrines of Lord Muruga.   As the fame of Shree Kolanajiappar extended, so also the temple developed and now it has a structure of ancient temples.

At present this temple is situated in six  acres of land with a compound wall.  The sanctum Santorium and the inner halls are made of stones.  Facing east the Sanctum Sanctorum has windows on other three directions which can't be seen in any other Temple.  Above this  a beautiful architectural roofing (Vimana) is provided and inside Shree Kolanjiappar bestows his goodwill upon the human beings in the shape of an altar.  At right side, within a similar structure Shree Sidhivinayaga with a huge body has embodied himself.  In front of the around Sanctum Sanctorum the Maha Mandapam and Prahara Mandapam (the great hall and court yard) are erected with huge pillars.  In the Maha Mandapam the  sculptures of two  big horses ready for  hunting and  four soldiers are constructed  with lime  mortar  in a  pompous attractive  manner.  In the south west corner Idumban and Kadamban have been installed in a separate sanctum.
  Vinayagar   Two Horse   Temple Main Tower  
Shree Muniappa has embodied himself in a separate roofed sanctum in the northern side of Maha Mandapam in front of the Main .  In front of Lord Muniappa in an enclosed area there are many spears fixed on the ground  where the written complaints are to be tied.  The Urchave ldols that are being taken in procession are placed in a roofed Sanctum in a big hall, adjacent to Lord Muniyappa.  In front of main Sanctum Sanctorium a five storied stone Rajagopura of 64 feet with beautiful architectural embellishments had been erected.  Shree Veeranar has been installed in separate roofed sanctum facing north.  This  is the structure of the temple with ancient looks.

Apart from these, In front of Gopura a big office building and two marriage halls with all facilities of 21 rooms lodging house and guest house having 6 rooms are also built.  A big hall had been built for the holy submission of hairs and modern bath rooms and modern lavatories are also there and water is available in plenty.   Shree Kolanjiappar temple is the Vanguard in religious and social service in the Cuddalore District.
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